From “Speak & Spell” to “Motorola Q”…..

I pondered over the idea of writing a blog for awhile. When you read so many great blogs, you wonder if the world needs yet another webpage. But then again, after you’ve read so many poorly written blogs and blogs from people with nothing to say, you begin to wonder, “well, why not?” I’ve often been told that I have a pretty decent writing style. Where better to put that to the test than to maintain a blog of my own?

So rather than walking around my apartment talking to myself about the latest news in tech, gaming or anything else that interests me, I figured it might be an interesting experiment to just blog about it. (We’ll see how it goes.) I think the qualities that most distinguish a consistently good blog from a poor one mainly come down to two things — consistency and passion. As long as you’re willing to dedicate yourself to keeping the material new, so that there’s always something new to see and as long as you are passionate and a little bit knowledgeable about what you’re writing, the rest seems to take care of itself.

I hope to mainly post and comment on stories about technology. My love affair with tech dates back to my youth in the late 70s…. Visions of “the ghost of technology past” come to mind….cassette recorders, top loading VCRs with wired remotes, calculator watches, wired cable TV boxes with rows of manual buttons, an Atari 2600, the Nintendo Game & Watch (wow…early signs of a Nintendo DS to come…) and a Speak and Spell. Those things were the foundation for a passion that would evolve into 7.1 Surround Sound systems, High Definition Plasma televisions, BluRay vs. HD-DVD discussions, Xbox 360s and PS3s, Windows Mobile phones, PSPs and MacBook Pros. Technology occupies a great deal of my time. And so, with that having been said, I’m taking the advice of Leo Laporte and “blogging my passions”. Hopefully this will become something meaningful to someone (and not just my mother.)


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