Beautiful… Depressing… Absurd… Sad… Amazing.

dummy.jpgIt is amazing how harsh and abrasive we can be to each other, yet how in our private moments, the same people can be as fragile and as delicate as a flower. I came across this site at the recommendation of a friend. It’s a collection of anonymous postcards, each detailing a secret and some sort of illustration. Some of them are hilarious. And depending on your heart, some of them might “try your emotions.”

Originally PostSecret began as an experiment in November 2004 by a gentleman in Washington D.C. (Frank Warren). He invited strangers in various public locations near the D.C. area to write down secrets anonymously on post cards and then mail them to him. The rules were that the secret needed to be true and had never been shared with anyone else before. Eventually the project grew until it became the Bloggy Award-winning site that is PostSecret.

Over 60,000 contributions to the project have been mailed to PostSecret. Currently the Reading Pennsylvania Public Library is hosting an exhibit displaying some of the postcards. The exhibit began on June 8 and will run until October 13. (Sounds like an interesting event for those that can get to it. Although perhaps a bit depressing?) The next best thing is to check out the PostSecret book that was released in 2005. Cleverly designed with a collage/scrapbook-type theme, the book contains several of the more notable entries from PostSecret collection.

I think PostSecret is a fascinating and beautiful display of human emotions and proof positive to the cynics of this world that people may not be as tough as we are sometimes led to believe. Head on over to http://postsecret.blogspot.com and check it out. Perhaps you’ll even decide to post a secret of your very own?

(Kinda reminds me of that prologue at the beginning of Crash, where the narrator talks about people having to crash into each other just to feel some human emotion. Only I felt a bit more reading some of the cards on this site, because these are real thoughts from the minds of real, everyday people.  Perhaps even someone you know.)


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