A Married Man’s Dream: His Very Own Urinal

kohler-urinal.jpgI know all the women readers won’t understand…. (But then again, if they have a husband with a “misfire” problem, they might.) Just think about it men…. no more complaints that you “left the seat up”. It will be just like Shea Stadium (without the creepy guy on your right who’s eyes keep wandering down). And best of all, because it’s mounted into the wall, we can do that one-armed-lean-against-the-wall thing that only real men do. :-D. OK, seriously, these are available from Kohler at Home Depot. They have four different models featured in the Uncrate article. Not at all sure who’s going to cut the hole in my wall and then mount this thing — not to mention connect it up to my plumbing. (Guess I’m gonna have to start watching those Home & Garden network shows with my girlfriend.)

(Babe, if you’re reading, I kinda like the Bardon!)

One last interesting note…. I decided to see if there were other urinals available at Home Depot and, as my British friends say, “they got loads”. But I was a bit horrified to find this one. Now, the description says it’s for “high traffic areas”. I don’t care how ‘high’ the ‘traffic’ is — this is a one man show! I’ll wait! (And as of the time I’m posting this, they’re sold out. Crazy.)

Image and Link Courtesy of Uncrate


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