Meeting God in the A.M.

mjb.jpgAre you a morning person? (Me neither.) But there is one thing that I do like about mornings. For some reason as I’m seeing the sun peek through and the sky change from navy to pinkish-navy to pink to light pink….it reminds me of God’s presence. I feel fellowship with Him. It makes me feel as if we’re waking at the same time. It reminds me of new beginnings. A new chance to make amends somewhere I stumbled. God’s gift to us each day – renewal. And as he wakes me, it reminds me that He’ll be there with me throughout the day. (And then, of course, someone will start messing with me and my human side will kick in and I’ll start grumbling!)

I’m not as big of a Mary J. Blige fan as I once was. I appreciate her work, but I think she’s going through a bit of an identity crisis trying to hold on to the title of “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul”….much like I’m going through an identity crisis realizing that I almost can’t bear to listen to any new R&B (which is almost unbelievable to me) and Hip Hop. Anyhow, Mary does have a song that I’ve loved for awhile. When you first hear Ultimate Relationship (A.M.), it’s easy from the first verse to think that she’s waking up next to Kedar Massenberg (especially since most of the album reflects on his role in changing the direction of her life.) But if you stay with it, she reveals the ultimate relationship. She must have been having that same feeling that I described above. Ultimate Relationship is an incredibly powerful song. Very simple. Just Mary and one guitar throughout most of the song. Strings follow later to build upon the emotion a bit.

If you haven’t had the chance to hear the song, give it a shot. (If you go to Napster.com, you can hear a low-quality version of the song. But if you really want an experience, nothing compares to listening in the car or on a good stereo or with an iPod and a good pair of headphones. I’m sure it’s not for everyone. But I’m quite fond of it. When I hear it and think of the future, I picture myself in a large house someday (probably with a lot more worries) and walking downstairs……and walking…..(still walking, I have a big house with lots of stairs!)……eventually walking through the hallway…..through the kitchen…… and then opening the two glass terrace doors ……..walking into the well landscaped rear of the property (‘backyard’ sounds kinda ghetto) …….. and then with iPod in hand, walking about halfway into the field that overlooks the valley ….. and with lots lush trees and shrubbery sort of ‘encamping me’ ….. and then I start to stretch…. (and fit in a few yoga moves I picked up from T.V.)……. and listen to this song.

Thanks for making mornings a little easier, Mary.

Ultimate Relationship (A.M.) on iTunes

To hear on Napster.com, click here and then look for the song. (Appropriately it’s the last song on the album, so it leaves you in a good mood.)


Ultimate Relationship (A.M.) – From the album Love and Life


It’s about the things You say to me, in the a.m.

It’s about the way You hold me, in the a.m.

Something ’bout a sweet rendezvous, in the a.m.

God, I like spending time with You, in the a.m.


It’s about six and the sun’s on its way up

I’m half asleep waiting for Your touch to wake me up

I like the way You call me (call me)

The way You whisper ‘peace’

The things You reveal

God I know You’re real (You’re real)

Nothing like the way You make me feel



I have to admit

This is the way to start the day

Raptured in love

Jesus Your love takes me away (takes me away)

I like the way You call me (call me)64238d31-dfb6-4105-ad04-c5c4a04381ac.jpg

The way You whisper peace

The things You reveal (reveal)

God I know You’re real (You’re real)

Nothing like the way You make me feel





(What You do to me)

I just can’t explain, I just can’t explain

(What it means to me)

To hear You call my name, hear you call my name

(What a perfect way)

For me to start the day

Raptured in love

Jesus Your love takes me away!

Images Courtesy of the official Mary J. Blige Website


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