Samsung i320 – Motorola Q Killer?

samsung_i320.jpgThe love affair between me and my Motorola Q is still very much alive. Yes, the thrill is still there….. But Moto Q, I gotta come clean. You know how I told you from the start that I wanted an open an honest relationship. Well, here it is… Lately my eyes have been wanderin’ a bit. Now please, Q, slow down now. You know you were my first smartphone and you’ll always have a special place in my heart. You’re as slim and as sleek as any other device. You handle e-mails and web pages better than any mobile device I’ve ever owned. Battery life – no complaints. But there’s something about this other device that’s just calling me. So when you’re sitting over there in the cradle synching continuously while I’m working and you happen to see me browse over to MS Mobiles.com and peek at the i320, just know that you’ll always be the one for me. It’s because you’re special to me….and you always will be. (Well that and the fact that I’ve got 21 months left on my contract before I can think about a new discounted device.)

Seriously folks. This is a nice phone. It’s as thin as the Q and the black case just adds this element of GQ/James Bond-ism that just makes it so appealing. Not to mention that since I’ve started using Windows Mobile 5.0, I don’t know I managed without it for most of my digital mobile device life.
There are a couple of reviews over on MSMobiles.com here and here.

I can’t give you a breakdown of the review details because….to be honest…. I’m scared to read ’em. Scared of what I might like. One thing I do know is that the current i320 is a GSM phone (which effectively knocks me out of the market right now unless I switch…. and Verizon is about as close to perfect as a mobile network here on the East coast.)

I really need to tread carefully these days as far as mobile phones are concerned. I don’t think Khadija has forgiven me yet for my 5 month stint with the RazR. (Hey – how was I to know that the Q was going to be this nice?)



9 Responses to “Samsung i320 – Motorola Q Killer?”

  1. 1 Dwan Fields
    August 24, 2006 at 2:12 pm

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