Desktop Claw Candy Machine

cangra_lg.jpgOh boy….this is one of those items that makes me wish I was a kid again.  But even that might not stop me from putting this on the Christmas list!  This replica of the claw machines that you see at the movies, in restaurant waiting areas and all other places not work!  It has three joysticks (forward/back, left/right, up/down) and comes with coins (read: slugs) to make it work.  On the downside, the ad says that it “plays fairground music”.  Ugh.  This sounds as if it can become an annoyance.  Also, you have to supply the candy.  And at 17 pounds (about $33 in U.S. dollars) this isn’t a bad deal, but maybe not quite appealing enough to spend the cash.  Also since the makers appear to be British, you’ll be paying a pretty penny to have it shipped here.

Story courtesy of the kids over at Gizmodo.

Product available for sale at  www.iwantoneofthose.com


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