Useful Application of Technology Item for the Day: Light-Up Caller ID

515767b_p.jpg“Aw what do you need all those gadgets for?” “All this technology doesn’t add up to a hill of beans!” Well, for all those who doubt tech and its usefulness, here’s an application of technology that even my mother can’t question. A caller-ID box that illuminates different colors based on the calling number. Looks like you can assign 100 different numbers in one of four colors (red, blue, purple and green). It holds 30 numbers in the missed call queue. And looking at the photos, it’s quite stylish. Looks like an attractive addition to almost any bedroom or family room.

Brookstone is carrying the box for $50. Brookstone. …I do love gadgets — this is true. But let me just say I’m not in love with Brookstone. They seem to put an 80% markup on every item in the store. This one is no different. The box probably will cost $30 once it reaches a different production company. Even worse is the Sharper Image. They may have some great gift ideas, but the prices are just ridiculous. And without the quality of Brookstone. Totally not related to the story, but just had to say that.

The story is courtesy of those incredible kids at Gizmodo.

The item can be found over on Brookstone.com.


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