Shhhh! Browse the Web at Work (….and look like you’re working!)


OK, let’s face it — we’ve all done it. Heck, we still do it. Checkin’ out our favorite sites at work. For some who use half of their work day playing on the web, I do agree that this does get in the way of productivity. But for those of us who can control our impulses, it just gives us an escape…. just 5-7 minutes… enough time to get a dose of our favorite blog site….. to recharge our creative juices and make us even more productive as we dive back into our projects.

(Yeah, right. It just depends on which side of the ‘Manager’ sign you’re on.)

Well, anyhow, the folks at  have found this cool website — workfriendly.net. If you enter a URL in the search bar, it will open your favorite webpage sans-fancy formatting and pictures. Unless someone is totally looking over your shoulder, it makes even the naughtiest webpages look as if you’re doing research. Best of all, workfriendly has a “Boss” button — if you’re boss is coming by, click on it and it changes your webpage to an article explaining how to be more productive and to avoid procrastination. Ingenious.

Look at that formatting of my favorite web site. (And you thought I was doing research all this time! Silly rabbit.)

Check it out at workfriendly.net. And if you get in trouble, don’t come blaming me.

Courtesy of the good folks at Lifehacker.


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