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Microsoft Flight Sim Ad Circa 1995


Take a good look at the ad. In particular, take a close look at the illustration on the right side of the page.

I’m not trying to pick away at old scabs. (Lord knows I was about 3 blocks away when the first tower fell — dust all over my 7th floor office window. Seven of us huddled in the elevator vestibule starting to smell the debris as it crept through the windows. We were pretty much thought we were dead. And we were the blessed ones to have lived.) Similarly I’m not trying to ad fuel to conspiracy theories (although I do have my suspicions like everyone else.) I was just thumbing through some old magazines and I came across this ad and it just made me shake my head a bit at how much things have changed. And I’m well aware that those who were involved, in addition to training at an actual flight school, used a version of a Flight Simulator to “practice the run”. But this is certainly this is no stab at Microsoft. Flight Simulator is an amazing piece of software with a history that dates back to the 80s. Any program can be used to plot out evil. The ad itself is simply illustrating how Flight Simulator would enable you to fly through some of the world’s most challenging physical structures. But it’s amazing how much that event has changed the way we think and how much we try to erase the image of those two structures from our minds.

wtc-movies.jpgWhich brings my mind to the next Oliver Stone release. I don’t want to judge it without having seen it. And as a person who likes film, I tend to try and expose myself to more non-conventional and challenging film efforts. (Nothing too avant garde. But a film that’s not just an expanded version of the trailer.) And while I am somewhat curious to see how the

father of conspiracy theory movies himself would handle such an event as those that took place on September 11, I’m having really mixed feelings about this one. Oliver Stone is an intelligent and experienced filmmaker. In my heart of hearts, I don’t think that he would create a film like this just to show the obvious — (trailers play, paramount logo shows, morning comes, the planes hit, brave men and women heeded the call, the towers fell, lots of people died, families were impacted, everyone cries, credits roll, the end.) Something tells me that someone as politically minded as Stone has some message that he’s trying to get across. Perhaps. It’s just a feeling. But there’s a part of my spirit that watches the trailer and, like the beautiful woman sat next to me, wonders if a production like this is coming out just a bit too soon.

Well, the movie is in theaters now. I have a strange feeling that it might not be there too long. Considering the events of the world right now, who wants to pay $9 to be depressed. Anyhow, has anyone seen it yet? What are your thoughts? After all, Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 70%. (But then again, they gave Talladega Nights a 75% as well.)