Mini-Review: Hard Candy (Spoiler Free)


This will probably be one of the shortest reviews that I’ll write — and this is mainly because divulging any unnecessary details about the film would rob the viewer of one of the best psychological thrillers in awhile. I first caught a glimpse of the trailer about four or five months ago and I was instantly drawn to the setting. In an effort to give only the most vague details, the movie begins when an older man and a young girl who have been chatting on an instant messaging application decide to meet. That’s all you really need. As a matter of fact, the trailer reveals a few details that I would probably have been better off not knowing. A high-definition version of the trailer is available at QuickTime.com, but my advice is to just watch the feature.
Please bear in mind — this film is not for the sensitive viewer. This movie deals with some “interesting situations.” If you’re the least bit drawn to a movie that is challenging and atypical, this is the movie for you. Ultimately I was left slightly disappointed, but I can honestly say that movie was entertaining and certainly worth my time.

The original film had a very limited release schedule — even here in New York City. The DVD doesn’t release until September 19. This will definitely be one of those films that finds an audience on DVD. I’m certain that college kids will be watching this one in halls around the country this fall.

Put this one in the Netflix queue now. Solid acting. Well shot. Let’s just say that Hitchcock would be proud of this one. Check it out. If you’ve seen it, drop me a line. (If you comment, please don’t reveal any spoilers.)


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