I Was An Internet Celebrity for a Day…

logo.gifRarely do I like to feature myself, but I just can’t help it. There are those days when God allows the sun to shine on you and today was a geek’s dream. HD Beat is a great website where they cover high definition televisions, programming and all other related technologies. I usually listen to their podcast from the outside in. The regular hosts Ben Drawbaugh and Matt Burns do a great job, but these guys overstand HD to such a degree that rarely is there an opportunity to me to contribute with anything of value. A week ago I found a floor model Humax Combination Tivo 80hr Recorder and DVD Recorder for about $68. (The guy at Circuit City actually gave it to me for $58 since there was no remote.) I played around with the interface and it’s light years ahead of the Time Warner DVR Service. A much more friendly interface. Accurate program listings. The ability to record or look for keywords in listings. Just a great end user experience.Last week on HD Beat’s podcast, Ben (Drawbaugh) read a comment from a listener who said that not every user thought Tivo was a better experience. I thought Ben had been caught off guard a bit by the question. Having recently experienced Tivo and compared the differences, I thought I would spell a few of them out for Ben. It was a thrill to hear my name within the first few minutes of the podcast. Not a big deal, but I respect these guys a lot and it’s great to know that they interact this way with the community. OK, so yeah it probably helped that I was the only e-mail that they received that week. 🙂 Still made me smile!

ign.jpgTonight I decided to check out the GameScoop! Podcast on IGN.com. GameScoop is a gaming podcast — often funny and silly, but an insightful and thorough look at the week in gaming. Every week they run a contest. (I actually almost forgot I entered.) The contest question asked for the name of a game where the character went on an underground voyage for a pet. Before they even finished the question, I knew that they were talking about Blaster Master, the NES classic from the now defunct Sunsoft. At the end of the podcast, much to my delight, they announced me as the winner! I felt like Little Richard… “Thank you for this! I ain’t never won nuthin!”.

Hopefully some more sunshine will come my way before the day is done! Here are the recordings of my moments in the sun.


IGN GameScoop Podcast: (The announcement comes within the last 6 minutes of the podcast.)

HD Beat Podcast – Episode 30: (My e-mail mention comes within the first 2 minutes of the show.)


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