Zune Price and Release Date Official at $249.99 on Nov. 14

ms-zune-3.jpgMicrosoft officially announced today that the Zune price would in fact be $249.99 (and not the $224 that it was previously speculated to cost. Well, I did kinda think that ‘224’ was an odd number. Oh well.) Aside from the player’s pricing were a few additional (and interesting) announcements:

Zune Marketplace

The Zune Marketplace will offer an “all you can eat” option at $14.99, where you’ll be able to download as many songs as you want. Individual songs can be purchased with “Microsoft Points”, and the rate will be 79 points per song, which at the current rate translates into about 99 cents per track. (Hmmm…. more on that in a minute.)

Pre-Loaded Content

The player will have pre-loaded content (just in case you can’t wait to get home to check it out.) Among the content are nine audio tracks, twelve music videos, three movie “shorts” and a collection of images. Details for the audio and video tracks can be found on the press conference here, but chances are unless you are a super indy-head that you probably haven’t heard of any of the bands either. (Well, I do kinda like Grandaddy…).

Zune Accessories

Also announced were the standard array of overpriced accessories. You know…. cases, headphones, bundles of cases, batteries and headphones, etc.

Details on the accessories, pricing, bundled content and all other details can be found here. Microsoft Zune Release Date/Pricing Press Release.

Later on I’ll share my reactions.


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