PlayStation 3 Remote Control and Memory Card Adapter

sce1.jpg I caught a glimpse of these two items over on Gizmodo.com — the original link was to a Japanese site called AV Watch. Anyhow, nothing much to cheer about here. It’s your standard issue cheapy remote. I always hear complaints from the tech community that they’re unhappy with the pack-in remotes for most High Def TVs and other high end components. And while that might be true (especially if you’re spending upwards of $2000 – $3000 for the device), I don’t think you can really call yourself an Audiophile or a Videophile if you’re using the standard issue remotes anyhow. My personal favorite is the Sony AV-3100. But if I wasn’t such a fan of the Sony AV Remote line, I’d probably be looking at the Logitech Harmony 550. (The other more expensive Harmony remotes and the Philips Pronto series never seemed worth the cash to me. I’d say $150 clams is my limit on remotes — and that’s pushing it a bit. I only spent $90 on the AV-3100 and the Harmony 550 can be found for about $100).

The image isn’t of the best quality, but the buttons seem to correspond with all of the buttons on the Sixaxis. Not quite sure that the Blue/Red/Green/Yellow buttons are for — perhaps they toggle between players 1-4 if the remote is used for some gaming function. In the category of “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, the PS3 version of the Xbox 360 controller’s guide button is located in the center of the device. Hey – if you’re going to copy something, copy the best. It will be interesting to see if the ‘PS3 guide button’ interfaces as nicely with the action as the 360’s does.

I’d say the more interesting thing about seeing the Sony-branded PlayStation 3 remote is the fact that it solidifies in my mind the fact that this thing is actually coming! I had this weird feeling that they were going to just push it back again — but that would be holiday season suicide. (I’m sure if they could, they would.)

Almost as interesting a device was another PS3-related accessory featured on the same page. While I can’t read the text, this appears to be an interface for PS3 users to use their old PS2/PS1 memory cards with the PS3. Not bad. Very small and understated. I’m not sure how many PS2/PS1 games I’ll be playing on the PS3, but it’s nice to know that I can pull those old Metal Gear and God of War save games over when I get the itch to play.

Sadly, I see a USB label on the back of the device. I guess it might be too much to ask for this thing to interface wirelessly with the PS3. Oh well, you can’t have it all.


Images courtesy of AV Watch (Japanese)

Story courtesy of Gizmodo.com


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