My "Exciting" Wii Pre-Order Story

(For those who follow the site, my apologies for the lapse in posting — particularly in light of the fact that I failed to alert folks in time for the PS3 Pre-Order this past Tuesday at EB Games/GameStop. My apologies. But you might want to thank me come November as I might have done you a favor. Anyhow, I had a few priorities to tend to. I should be back to a regular posting schedule.)

It’s hardly news now that EB Games/GameStop began their pre-order program for the Nintendo Wii today. I thought I’d give you the blow by blow….

7:23am – <YAWN….> “Gee, wasn’t I supposed to do something today? Oh yeah, that Nintendo pre-order thingy.

7:38am – <Showering> “I bet the line is probably all the way back to Waldenbooks by now….maybe I shouldn’t even bother waste my time. Aw, what the hell. What else is there to do.”

7:53am – <Driving> “Wow, there are lots of cars on the road today. Even though I’m miles away from the mall, I bet they’re all going to pre-order! I better driver faster!”

8:11am – “Hmm….seems like there are quite a few cars out. Perhaps I should try to sneak into the employees entrance like I did for the 360 launch. Just swing keys around your arm on lanyard and they’ll never stop you.”

8:17am <Walking though the empty mall> “Gee, I never quite realized that old people wake up every morning just to walk around an empty mall for a few hours. Is this where it all ends up? I might as well go end things now. Nah….still need to fulfill my dream of swinging the Wii-mote around a few times.”

8:19am <Walking up to EB Games> “Uh….this can’t be right. There’s nobody here. Perhaps nobody knew about the pre-order alert?

8:22am <Walking up to other first floor GameStop store> “Let me see….one, two, three, FOUR people? Wow. No love for Nintendo.”

8:26am – Not many geeklike conversations about what games we’re going to pre-order or who’ll win the next gen console race. I think I’ll start one.

9:22am – Geek conversation is in full swing thanks to me. Discussions are happening abound — sadly with tons of misinformation. Rumors of Sony having warehouses of 2 million PS3s are running rampant in front of the Green Acres Mall’s GameStop.

9:29am – As more people join the line, fifty-something lady (undoubtedly the mom of some spoiled brat) begins asking questions. “What am I lining up for? Do I have to pre-order the games too?”

9:34am – Smug GameStop employees open the gate to the store, look at us with disgust, and quickly pull the gate down behind them. Trust me, toots — if we had any other choice of store to buy this thing, we’d be there.

9:42am – Bad attitude GameStop girl peeks out of the store….counts the number of people waiting….and goes back inside.

9:43am – Bad attitude GameStop girl brings sheets of printed out launch title dates….. Smart idea. Sadly, the launch list looks pretty unexciting. I’ve decided upon Zelda (duh) and a Wiimote. Being able to connect up to four per system, I guarantee that they’ll be shortages.

9:49am – The gate opens…. GameStop employee takes first three folks online. I’ll be next. (Hopefully nobody I know will walk by now — seeing me on line first would be an automatic deduction of 10,000 cool points.

9:52am – Gate opens, I enter an empty GameStop. “What would you like to pre-order?” “Uh…Zelda, a Wii controller, and the system.”

9:53am – Receipt prints….I leave and wave goodbye to my gaming-loving friends. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Perhaps I’ll see them again come launch day.

9:55am – Even as I leave the store and head upstairs to get a shot of the geekish masses, there appear to only be seven people waiting to pre-order. Looks like the Wii hype machine needs to start kicking out more commercials and viral advertising.

So basically, it was an uneventful trip. I talked to a few folks who had been there for the PS3 pre-order on Tuesday and it was pretty much the same story — only a few folks online. I did have a few additional interesting conversations that confirmed some of my suspicions about the PS3 buying crowd, but more on those next post.


1 Response to “My "Exciting" Wii Pre-Order Story”

  1. 1 Melina
    November 11, 2006 at 11:23 am

    Wow, that was really not the case in my town. There were 36 Wii’s at the EB Games, and they sold them out in 10 minutes. By the time I got there, they were long gone…

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