Best Buy Customers Lining Up For PS3….. TEN days early!!!

I was over on Engadget and saw this story about folks lining up already at Best Buy. Here’s the link to the original story over on Video Games Blogger.

Wow — this is madness. I don’t know this for certain, but my guess would be that these are folks who are looking to sell the system at a profit. Either that or they wanna play Resistance Fall of Man really bad. Whatever the case, as hardcore as I consider myself, sacrificing this kind of time is totally not worth it. If you were really that hardcore about getting a system as a gamer, you would have known that GameStop/EB was doing pre-orders a month ago and reserved your unit then. (Then you’d only have to wait for 24 hours on line — which is still ridiculous.)

I must say — before we judge these folks, let’s consider those who camped out to watch the crap that was the first Star Wars prequel weeks in advance of it’s release. And then there are the concert ticket campers, who might see and incredible show, but after the show, what do you have to show for it except your G ‘n R T-shirt? These folks will have years of enjoyment from the system….that is, IF they’re in it for the games.

I’d love to interview these folks and ask them one question — “So, what games are you looking forward to playing?” I guarantee that the answers will fall into one of the following categories:


a) “I’m going to sell it on eBay.” (Type: Scalper – we despise you.)


b) “My kids want it. They gave me a list of the games to buy right here!” (Type: Either, 1) Mom/Dad who feels guilty for not “being there” and will do anything to try and fix things, or 2) Mom who wants to make sure that in the ongoing rivalry with neighbor Suzie Cunningham and little Tyler Cunningham that only her son has the PS3 on Christmas day ….and therefore the Bradley family wins this holiday season battle!)


c) “Um, probably Madden and….well, I gotta see what they got. Let me check my Best Buy launch guide. Hey, do you by chance know what they’ll be selling?” (Type: Misguided generic gamer. Only buys Madden, Need For Speed and NBA Live every year. Has never heard of Katamari Damacy, tried Metal Gear but didn’t like the fact that you can’t just shoot everybody and isn’t into RPGs, even though there’s no more reading. Bottom line: They follow the crowd.

Well, one thing’s for sure. I’m definitely not going to be standing on this line. Especially not after my experience with the PS3 yesterday. (And I actually DO have a pre-order. (At an FYE).) Perhaps these people should read one of my two compelling posts and they’d reconsider?

Story Courtesy of Engadget. Via Slashdot. Via – Video Games Blogger. Via Cheap Ass Gamer.

Image Courtesy of Video Games Blogger.


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