PS3 Madness Hits Japan (….huge emphasis on "Madness")

Check out the below YouTube movie.  This kinda stuff scares the hell out of me. Look at how many people there are in that video.  I mean, it’s not even really a line — they’re like ten to fifteen people across! The weird thing is I’ve always heard about how folks in Japan are generally pretty orderly considering how many people are on the island. And I still believe that to be true. I’ve seen movies where the “train shovers” literally push people in the train so that the doors can close. (Yeah – try that in New York on the A train!) But I guess the PS3 brings out a special kind of crazy.

In addition to the YouTube Movie, read the article in Kotaku found here. The reader was in Japan and wrote a pretty telling account of what it was like to be there live during the madness.

To a large degree, I agree with him. My first article ever on RDM was to try and address this problem. I still feel strongly that Sony should have shipped the consoles to people and registered them to the customers. It’s not a perfect solution, but look at what happens when you try to apply 1990 processes to a this kind of next-generation demand? Perhaps my suggestions weren’t perfect, but there has to be a better way.

And if that’s what it’s like in Japan, imagine what we can expect here — when folks are walking out of Best Buy with big yellow bags with $600 boxes and $180 worth of games inside??  I am definitely going to pray that things don’t get out of hand too much.  The watch is going to start on Thursday night. This is going to be a crazy time, folks. I hope that people don’t lose it on the 17th. It’s really not worth it. (And as someone who’s seen the launch lineup….seriously, folks! It’s really not worth it! 🙂 )


1 Response to “PS3 Madness Hits Japan (….huge emphasis on "Madness")”

  1. 1 Mike
    November 12, 2006 at 6:39 am

    Man… I am amazed at how many people are interested in the PS3 compared to the XBOX 360 during it’s release. Sony should not have released the PS3 unless they had 500,000 units available. It’s crazy to announce a release date and only have 100,000 units. Now, I thinking Sony has gotten desperate, and is trying anything to make up for the 3rd & 4th quarter losses.

    I have a friend at a Circuit City who is gonna try to hold a unit for me. Now I’m getting discouraged because of the mayhem it has already started. Hmm… with only 400,000 consoles available in North America, Sony might as well of waited until a Friday the 13th. For those who will attempt to wait online at Circuit City, BestBuy, Target, Walmart, Toys-R-Us and etc, don’t chance it. Half those consoles are already claimed before midnight November 16th.

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