So, Did You Get A PS3??? Any great Camp-Out Line stories?

ps3.jpgOKAY!  Launch day (at least for the PS3) has come and gone.  Sadly, I called the retailer that I used last year and it appears as if only Best Buy, Circuit City, GameStop/EB Games, Wal-Mart and Target were allocated units.  My contact says that the shipment will be in, “before the holiday season is over”.  I can’t say that I’m really upset.  I really wasn’t thrilled with the launch lineup and $600 is a lot to part with for a man with no official job.  Anyhow, I’ll be in there soon.  But until then, I have to live vicariously through the folks who were fortunate enough to pick one up.  (I’ll feel a lot better on Sunday when I go pick up my reserved Wii.)  But until then, share!

My guess is that lots of folks are doing one of three things right now.

a) Sleeping in the comfort of a real bed…..but this time with the PS3 box securely held under their right arm…..and with a smile, might I add.

b) Through tired, red eyes, they’re navigating through the menu screens to setup their profile before all the cool names are gone.

c) Taking a few more pictures with the Canon to add to the eBay post asking for approx. $3100.  (Don’t believe – go check.)

But I really wanna know what my folks are doing.  Talk to me.  How did things go?  Did you get a system?  Any great stories while standing in the launch line?  And what about the actual system?  Was it worth it all?  What are the games like?  I want details!


12 Responses to “So, Did You Get A PS3??? Any great Camp-Out Line stories?”

  1. 1 Jeremy
    November 17, 2006 at 4:03 pm

    Man that crap was crazy. I went driving around the last couple of days to see what was going on with the lines. People where already lining up at stores on Tuesday, Wednesday where I live. My bro works at Walmart and he said they only recieved 4 a piece per Walmart. At most 10. There was one place in Wisconsin that had 10 and the store manager lined up chairs and said go. Kinda like musical chairs. A riot started and one person had to rushed to the hospital because he ran into a pole and got trampled. This stuff is nuts. I hope lines for the wii are not that bad. I am trying to grab one of those. PS3 was out of the question. I think there was a lot more wii’s shipped to us. Then PS3’s

  2. 2 Shaza
    November 17, 2006 at 4:46 pm

    It was absolutely NUTS and incredibly UNORGANIZED! Even with that camp-out guide, none of it seemed to do any good with the PS3. The Ebay rules also did not help, as it brought much more attention to the PS3 and gave many people the idea of selling the PS3 on ebay even when they hadn’t thought of it before. I talked to about 90 people standing outside in Target, and they all said they were there to sell. Many of the stores in the Bay Area were confused, even managers had issues figuring out what was going on. Target said 15 units that morning, then it went down to 8 in the afternoon and the final confirmation was 2. Another Wal-Mart said 20, went down to 30. Some managers who we talked to REFUSED to tell us how many units, and actually LET 30 people stand in line outside, knowing there were only 2 units total. What was very annoying though, was the lyingthat was going on in some of the stores. Target said that they would not allow ANY lines to form until the NIGHT of Launch date, and that the first people there would get it. Instead, one of the Target’s held a lottery, while the other just “gave in” to the numerous people who kept getting arrested anyways. Frys Electronics in San Jose had 46 copies, but many of the people in line did not know that some of them were “$1000 bundles” supposedly, these “bundles” will be for the Wii as well. Wal-Mart on the hand, many of them had their own systems. Some stated lotteries at 12am and no one should come until then. Then, they decided at 11pm, after many people just left to try luck elsewhere, that they WOULD just give the units to the people waiting there, caue the other Wal-Mart’s were doing it. Best Buy and Fry’s Electronics in Union City and San Jose gave the tickets out that day itself, so anyone standing there, even unprepared was able to grab one without actually camping out. In either case… those are the places I visited.

  3. 3 Wernstar
    November 18, 2006 at 3:21 am

    I went to 2 Targets, Best Buy, and Circuit City, and the lines were about 30-40 people, I couldn’t really tell because of all those tents. Most people’s hopes of landing a console that couldn’t line up for 40-50 hours were with smaller stores. I went to a small Toy store that sells has a decent gaming section, and they told me they weren’t getting any, since Sony didn’t think the small stores were important enough. So, Big Stores + ridiculous lines= No PS3 for me + Small stores + too insignificant to even get a console = NO CHANCE at a PS3.

  4. 4 David
    November 18, 2006 at 8:23 pm

    Ok the first thing i did was go to all the different places selling the ps3 on friday the 10th to see how all the different stores were going to sell the ps3. I found out some stores were going to do lotteries and others were going to make you buy a 40inch tv in order to buy the ps3 and the rest of the stores were first come first serve. BTW i live in Orange County. Then on wed. i went to circuit city and damn people were lined up so i decided to go to best buy and they told me you cant line up till 24 hours till the store opens. So that would be 8 am thursday. They said they will call the cops if you camp out before that time. SO my dad went thurs at 4 am. just to be rdy and sure enought there were people in line at 4 thur. in front of the store even though they said u cant line up till 8. So my dad and some others formed a line on the side walk at 4 and there were some 40 people that decide they were going to follow policy and go on the side walk also. 8 a.m. thurs comes and 5 lines form total. 1 in front of the store another in parking lot, sidewalk, and around side of store and a mob standing around. And they all say they were first. THe store manger comes out and everyone is pissed off because B.B. did not stick to there word and let people camp out before 8. They side there is more then one line and they will let us know what they will do a 1. One pm comes and they said they are going to do a lottery and everyone is pissed becuase they said they were not going to do one. 200 plus people line up to get a ticket and then they pick numbers out of a hat. Sure enough my dad gets his number picked and he is number 9 place in line and is able to get me my ps3 a week before my 16 bday and i am happy

  5. 5 Jesse
    November 21, 2006 at 12:34 am

    Well, I would have to say it was very organized. They set up 10 chairs in the layaway section at wal-mart on Tuesday night. First come First server. I was the 3rd one there. Once the 10 chairs were filled they told anyone else who wanted one to go home. The last chair was filled up on wednesday afternoon. They were not sure how many they were going to get in but the said they would give the ones who didnt get one rain checks and expect them to be in within the next 3 weeks. They ended up getting 6 (4 60GB, 2 20GB,). THere was no waiting outside! It was awesome! IT WAS BY FAR THE BEST LAUNCH I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED.

  6. 6 logan
    November 28, 2006 at 9:36 am

    before I tell I just want to say that although this is pretty long I haven shortend the story quite a bit I have tried to condense it as much as possible. mine line storyis just crazy I live in central california and so I got to my local best buy at 7:00pm on wednesday and I am the 41 person in line. As I get there people are telling that this line is not recognized by best buy and that the “official line starts on thursday at 8am”(david also says in his story^) after a LONG night of arguing and debating of the same stuff over and over again about the line the manager of best buy comes out of the best buy store at 8am thursday morning and says 2 things one, “We have 34 units, 20 60gb, and 14 20gb and says, “the line starts here” and puts out this line organizer which looks like something you would see at the movie theaters at this point it was a mad dash to the front of the line the people that had been camping all night long(12 hours or so) in a orderly fashion didn’t matter(well as orderly as you can get from all the chaos)so I didn’t dash I was just like you got to be kidding me this is ridiculous! I said screw it was getting ready to go home and I told my self that this isnt worth it. So before decide to leave I talk to the guy who happened to be #1, which I had met him the night before(he was really nice and a cool guy) I was telling how cool it was that he was first while everyone kept arguing about the people that just showed up at 8am compared tothe people who had been there all night! As I’m talking to this guy I noticed he doesnt seem excited that he is #1 in line. So I ask this guy as a joke or messing around “hey are you really going to wait 24 hours?” and this is when he said “Nope, you can have my spot” I WAS LIKE ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!! He said yep and let me take the #1 spot out of a lot of people. This guy was such a nice guy he even went and grabbed the stuff I had brought to sleep with. So as I take the #1 spot which I amso exicited cause i go from thinking that I’m not getting one to #1 person in line! The cops get called twice because people just CAN NOT stop arguing about the line that best buy set up! All it took was one push shove or punch and it would have turned into a all out brawl! The cops tell us if we come back one more time then all of you HAVE to leave until best buy closes and if you dont we will take you to jail! So I’m like great I have been #1 for 10 minutes and it doesnt matter! After a very very very long thursday I and rest of the people in line made it without the cops being called. Which is ridiculous because I thought for sure that someone would. As thursday is winding down so is everyone else. People finally start to relax and settle after like 20 something odd hours of arguing of the same stuff. because it settled down I was finally able to catch some sleep thursday night for about 6 to 7 hours surprisingly. As each hours passes I get more and more exicted cause I realize that the next-gen is here and that I’m the first one in line. The next morning at 7:00am best buy handed out tickets to sercure our spot. one hours later I was the first one who walked in a bought a playstation 3. As soon as I got home I wanted to play but man I just ended up past out on my bed! I also would like to add that I was at the same exact best buy for the xbox 360 launch and it was the most calm and cool lanch ever. I came, I sat, and and left with a 360. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left for the ps3 lanch it was just madness! I dont think I would do it again but when I got home and opened the box it seemed to be worth it.

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