Pujols – Seriously….you’re joking, right??

10201767.jpgI happened to stop by ESPN.com today to see if there were any off-season moves (namely the Mets signing Zito…<fingers crossing>), but then I happened to come across this news story. Apparently Albert is sore about not winning the MVP award this year. He believes that the MVP should come from a playoff team. After reading the article, I had to chuckle a bit. I wish I could talk to Albert. As talented a player as he is, I’d like to stop him on the street and ask him, “Uh Albert….are you serious?!!!”

Since as far back as I’ve been a sports fan, the MVP of the year has always been debated. Does it refer to the player who had the most incredible performance outright for the season? Or are we awarding the player who meant the most to his team’s success. In short, are we awarding the MVP of the team or of the league? The funny thing about Pujols’ comments is that he was neither this year.

I’m still a bit sore about actually having to watch my Mets go down (in person) in seven games to an inspired Cardinals team. However, I must take my hat off to the Cards. They took the Mets to a seventh game without the home field advantage and found a way to pull it out. But one thing that isn’t debatable is the fact that had the Cards left it up to Pujols’ bat, they probably wouldn’t have even made it to the Series. His bat was exceptionally silent during both the NLCS and World Series.

Pujols’ comments today show that he’s the typical “me, me, me” player. The guy who cares about the post-season accolades more than he does winning the championship. Many of the greats have said that they’d give back all of the MVP awards, all of the Golden Gloves, all of the individual accolades….if they could just have one taste of winning it all. The list of players who’ve been great, but never managed to be a part of a championship team is pretty long. And while I can understand the desire attached to wanting to “win it all”, the percentages are against most players. You play for ten seasons (if you’re lucky) and you’re one guy on one team in a league of 30 teams — only one of which can win it all. Basketball is probably the only sport where a guy can single-handedly change the impact of a game. But in baseball and football, one guy can’t do it all.

Pujols is one of the few players who has been blessed enough to win the big one. And like so many guys who have rings, his should probably have a few less diamonds in it to symbolize the at bats where his poor performance didn’t increase his team’s chances. His comments are tacky and disrespectful to his fellow players — namely Ryan Howard. Howard had an inspiring performance this year. While the Phillies didn’t make it to the post season in 2006, they were contenders right up until the last two weeks of the season.

Albert — take my advice: Go home and reflect on the historic season that you had. Be content with the fact that you participated in winning a championship. And make sure that you enjoy it while it lasts. If the Phillies can pick up a few guys to fill in a few holes, perhaps you will switch honors with Ryan Howard next season.


1 Response to “Pujols – Seriously….you’re joking, right??”

  1. 1 xXWernstarXx
    November 30, 2006 at 11:21 pm

    You know, I never figured Pujols as the me,me,me guy. He just doesn’t seem like that kind of person; I guess I’ve felt that way since seeing a story a couple of years ago on SportsCenter about his foundation for children with Down Syndrome and helping poor people in the Dominican Republic. He just seems like such a nice guy, the anti-T.O or Randy Moss. Judging from his statements though, I’m not sure what to think. I mean, what more does he want? He won the freakin’ World Series, the WS! You don’t see Derek Jeter bitching about his not winning MVP, and the whole argument about having to be on a playoff team is preposterous. I imagine it would be more difficult to play on a team that was not good enough to make the playoffs, rather than one good enough to win the World Series. I usually like Albert, but he really made a stupid statement this time around, I would say that he was frustrated, but what the hell can he be frustrated about? Silly Pujols, that is 100% Howard’s MVP, he had a monster season.

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