My Vista Impressions Thus Far…. (Plus Vista Cool Feature #1)

Like the tech afficionado that I am, I installed Vista earlier this week. So far, there’s an awful lot to like. But like I eluded to in my post earlier this week, it’s a lot like a good car. You’ll discover features as you begin to use it that will make you slap your head and say, “Gee, that’s a good idea!”. Nothing earth shattering, but certainly things that heavy OS users will appreciate.

I’ve decided to just post them as I come across things I think are compelling. So, what’s the first thing that I found compelling?

Well, as silly as this may sound, I’m digging the new sound library quite a bit. As simple as it may seem to choose a sound library that’s bearable and also functional, I find that even the error notifications are very gentle and subtle. Sure, over time I’ll associate that “gentle ding” with crashes and I’ll begin to hate it. But for the meantime, I’m quite fond of the sound library that they’ve chosen for the main Vista theme. Very nice.


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