Pet Peeve #1 – Leave the Manager Alone During the Game


I’m gettin old. Period. And those gray hairs entitle me to complain as much as Grandpa Simpson and whenever I want. So I’m gonna post a few of my pet peeves as stuff comes to me. This isn’t a big one, but it inspired me enough to get off the couch and complain.

I know with advances in broadcast technology that we’re always looking for ways to increase the television viewer’s experience. I enjoy the increased camera angles and the close-up high def looks that reveal whether the ref called the play correctly or not. But there becomes a point when you’re just crossing the line.

It’s hard enough trying to manage a game for nine innings. Why do we have to shove a mic in front of the manager’s face during the game? What can he possibly say that would increase our enjoyment of the game? Have you ever listened to those interviews? They’re about as interesting as talking to the guy behind you in the hot dog line. Only in baseball would you see something like this. They’re not gonna stick a mic in front of Mike Holmgren during the 3rd quarter of a close game. Or Phil Jackson. (Maybe I shouldn’t speak so confidently — this could very well be on the brainstorming list of some bright TV executive.

It’s bad enough to be a manager on the losing end of a 15-3 game and to have to sit at a press table and answer dumb questions about why you didn’t give the hit sign during that 3-1 pitch in the 5th inning. Do we really need to bug these guys during the game?

(Larry Bowa’s smiling above. But trust me. The managers hate this practice a lot more than I do.)


8 Responses to “Pet Peeve #1 – Leave the Manager Alone During the Game”

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