GFW Radio Podcast (on 1up.com)

Haven’t made any real gaming posts in awhile, but I’m still on the scene. Thanks for the e-mail support. More stuff coming soon.

There are a few podcasts that are now part of my weekly routine. Among them are just about everything on This Week in Tech and a few technology and gaming related podcasts. But the GFW (Games For Windows) Radio podcast on the 1up.com Network is one of the shows that I must listen to each week. If you’re not a hardcore gamer, you won’t pick up the references. I don’t even buy PC games anymore and I still have to check out these guys. It’s gotten to the point where I listen when I’m home, because when I’m walking down the street or on the bus, people look at me like an idiot while I put my head down with muffled laughter.

The show has a great all-around cast, but the stars are Jeff Greene (Editor in Chief of Games For Windows Magazine) and Shawn Elliott. Also rounding up the crew are Sean Molloy, Darren Gladstone and Ryan Scott. So, what’s the appeal? Well, first off, it’s a good gaming podcast for anyone who’s moderately interested in the interesting discussion around the decline of PC gaming. They’re completely unbiased in their comments towards PC gaming and have quite a few interesting theories around how things have gotten to this point. Their discussions aren’t exclusive to PC games, and this makes the discussion more thought-provoking as they can effectively contrast the differences between how game publishers are treating each platform.

What’s most appealing to me is the fact that it’s basically a group of five nerdy guys who are making fun of other nerdier guys. In order to joke about how geeky the really hardcore World of Warcraft crew is, you have to know a bit about them. And, of course, that leads to self-incrimination. But these guys don’t seem to care. And the whole ride is quite entertaining.

The above is a snippet from the first part of the show (and the reason why I can’t listen to this thing while among the non-gaming public). Hilarious stuff. (Well, to me anyway.)


2 Responses to “GFW Radio Podcast (on 1up.com)”

  1. May 8, 2007 at 12:40 pm

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  2. 2 Craig
    May 31, 2007 at 12:35 am

    I agree. I found the PC Gamer podcast last year and thought it was great. When I first listened to the GFW podcast starting in March, I found them obnoxious by comparison. Lately the PC Gamer guys seem a bit obnoxious and unable to stay on task. I sincerely think they should stop smoking weed
    before they tape the show. Anyhow the PC Gamer podcast got me interested
    again in the industry and gaming scene again enough that I subscribed to the magazine.

    I would probably also subscribe to GFW if it wasn’t called “Games for Windows Magazine.” Everyone has to agree with the hosts who’ve said repeatedly that it’s just an awful title. On the one hand it’s very honest in that it discloses the fact that this is a sponsored outlet, but I think they’re allowed enough objectivity that the branding of the show actually undermines what is consistently some of the best content in the field of games journalism. Not to mention it just doesn’t roll off the tongue very easily.

    This is way too meta, discussing the discussion of games.

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