Anxiety Sets In….

Some would say it’s strange to feel this anxious for fictional television characters, but I can’t help it. This is a series finale that has been eight years in the making and will spend fifty-something minutes trying to resolve all that we who watch the show have invested in it. And I’m anxious. (Writing usually helps me ease that anxiety.) The worry on my mind comes from this photo below….

What could AJ be looking at? Is this the image of a boy watching his mother and sister consumed by the flames caused by a car bomb? Or more likely is this this image of a boy after his first kill — the boss of New York City, no less — leading to him being….”Made in America”? (The final show’s title, for those who didn’t know.) Hopefully it’s not the former, because, in my humble opinion, Carmela….for all her contradictory faults…. doesn’t deserve this ending.

I guess the real question that remains for everyone is whether Tony will live. Tony is probably one of my all time favorite TV characters. It’s funny — going back and watching the first few Sopranos episodes reminds me of watching the first few Simpsons episodes. The voice of Homer wasn’t quite fleshed-out. Same with Tony. He seemed like a completely different character. Or maybe he was a completely different character. The deaths of those that have fallen since the curtain went up in 1999 have been enough to change anybody. And with that all having been said, I just don’t want the curtain to go down with Anthony Soprano lying in a pool of his own blood.

This is the most anticipated series finale in all my TV watching years. Let’s hope all that we’ve invested in the show can give us a sense of completion. Redemption. Peace. But somehow, with the image of AJ above affixed into my brain…..”peace” is the farthest thing from what we’ll see.

And so we wait…


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