I Love My Mets….But Not Quite This Much.

Came across this on Uncrate.com. I always use the term, “live and die with the Mets”. But perhaps this will make me think more carefully about using those words.

Eternalimage.net is selling MLB Team-featured….(ready for this?)….urns and caskets. Actually, the caskets do look quite charming. And the urns do also (that is, if you’re into the whole “ashes thing”.) But I kinda don’t get it. I mean, thinking of some of the most treasured MLB figures over time — say, for instance, the recently deceased Phil Rizutto — I don’t even see him being buried in one of these things. It kinda cheapens the experience.

I hope it’s a long time before somebody needs to make a decision about this for me, but let there be no doubt — this isn’t quite the end to my life that I’d appreciate.

(I must say…really nice design, though.)


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