The New York Giants… Never. Say. Die.

t1home2200giantsap.jpgI remember being a kid in January of 1987 and watching the Giants win Super Bowl 21 and hearing a mentor say, “See what happens when you stick with your team?” That was an incredible year. The Mets (my true heart and first love) had won an incredible series in October and only months later, the Giants did it again. It was sports euphoria. It was incredible. It wouldn’t last.

The Giants did go on to win Super Bowl 25 in equally incredible fashion in 1991, but it had been awhile since I had the chance to enjoy a team I followed winning the championship. And tonight I got that rare opportunity.

But before I go on, I have a confession….

About halfway through the season, seeing how up and down the Giants offense was, I looked ahead to only one moment. Game 16 on the Giants schedule was against New England. It was such an incredible run to see New England winning game after game after difficult game. I got a little scared after watching the Patriors beat the Colts… and as the season drew to a close, I only had one hope. Not that the Giants would make it to the post season. But that the Giants would beat the Patriots to give them that blemish on their record.

That’s right, I was willing to see them lose — first round, whenever — for the chance to see the Patriots not go undefeated in the regular season.

With that said, I was willing to ride this thing out for as long as it would last. Beating the Bucs was great. Didn’t expect much more. Beating the Cowboys was incredible. Beating the Packers was envigorating. (I cried for about three minutes after that win.) But to face the Patriots? How much more could you ask from these guys?

All week I had been doing my best to set myself up not to be disappointed. I didn’t touch any Giant jerseys. Didn’t pull out my jacket. I just talked to anyone who would listen about how proud I was of my team (and how proud I would be — regardless of the outcome of this so-called “Super Bowl”.) The important thing is that the Giants — the team that nobody chose to win — were champions of the NFC.

As much as I am overjoyed by this win, I have to apologize to Eli Manning. As a matter of fact, a LOT of people have to apologize. I know he’s young. But Sunday after Sunday of watching unforced errors kept me wondering how long it would be before we’d see him show what he was made of. (Or if he ever would emerge from his brother’s shadow.) Well, he had been showing me all season. I just wasn’t watching closely enough. I was looking for him to be some other guy. But in the end, he showed me what he was made of.

After watching Tiki Barber leave, I was pretty down. And then hearing him give inside accounts of Eli and how he lacked leadership qualities, kind of made me wonder if it would ever happen. I’m so glad that the team shut me up tonight.

This will probably go down as my least coherent and all over the place blog posting… but please excuse me. This is truly an emotional win for me. After this game, I couldn’t fight back the tears. This time for a bit longer. It’s an incredible feeling to have your team win. It’s another thing to have them win in the face of what people call ‘impossibility’. Today the Giants showed us that anything is possible. Climbing that mountain. Attaining that goal. Even perhaps beating “the greatest team in the history of the NFL”.

When I wished only for the Giants to beat the Patriots in that last regular season game, I did so because I thought that was the best scenario that there could possibly be. Well, tonight I was wrong. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Congratulations to the Giants. From Feagles to Madison, Plaxico to Osi, Tynes to Coughlin, Tuck to McQuarters, Dockery to Hedgecock — you guys have given me a reason to smile. I’ll never forget this season where you made the impossible within reach.


4 Responses to “The New York Giants… Never. Say. Die.”

  1. 1 mina
    February 5, 2008 at 12:17 am

    Well written Dev! I am still in shock over the win and even after watching hours of ESPN coverage and reading countless articles it still seems unbelievable. I had faith that this team could pull it out but it is the fashion with which we won that still has me on cloud nine. As you know my significant other is a huge Jets fan so it has been hard to completely support the Giants without getting shade thrown my way ever Sunday. But, for some reason this year I was allowed to openly support BIG BLUE (even if it meant doing it from a neutral apartment) 🙂 On Sunday I witnesses what I believe may be the greatest game ever ..at least in my eyes. I have had my share of sports moments all of them with NY teams of course! But, there was something different about Sunday. There was this confidence and swagger that showed from the first play until the very last. My voice was raw at the end of the game and so were my emotions. I just kept saying I can’t believe it…I can’t believe it. OF course I had one moment where I thought of Tiki…beleive me I was mad at him this season for some of the comments he made about Eli more so than about Coughlin. But, in my heart I knew he felt a twinge of pain knowing he could have been there too. The truth is maybe if he stayed we might not have made it to the Superbowl so you can’t really have regrets but still he gave his heart, soul and body for 10 years. It somewhat reminds me of Matingly and the Yankees…but on to happier notes. The parade is tomorrow, I wish I could be there in person but my spirit will have to do. Lil’ sis works downtown so I might send her with a camera and have some pics to share later in the week!!!! CONGRATS to BIG BLUE and all BIG BLUE FANS…heck to all football fans in general we witnessed a historic moment!! I am just glad my team came out on the winning side 🙂

  2. 2 Dwan
    February 6, 2008 at 11:29 pm

    Dev; I echo your feelings, I feel privilege to say I had a chance to watch one of the best football games in my life time. Last year I was one of Eli’s biggest critics I felt he was not mature enough to play in the pros. Life has a way of teaching us all lessons, and over the summer I got to see my two (adult) sons (both home for the summer interacting and hanging out together. Long gone were the days of fighting for attention and trying to impress each other, and as the season started I realized that was Eli’s problem. We all make comparisons to Peyton and we look for a certain qualities and abilities to run in the family. Eli had not found Eli he was trying to be Eli in Peyton’s shadow. The last 5 games of the season I think we saw Eli awake to the reality of his own quarterback style. Eli’s style is not better nor is it worst then his brother it is his style of play. You have seen a man come into his own this season and accept his role with the Giants thus helping to make this Superbowl one of the BEST to watch. GO BIG BLUE next season

  3. February 24, 2008 at 1:59 am

    Yes the Giants deserve every ounce of winning the Championship. The team really peaked with the close loss to the Patriots during the regular season and it was the beginning of some great moments for the Giants!

    good job!

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