Grey’s Anatomy Season 4 Finale: Thoughts (I Still Like Rose….)

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I had really high hopes heading into the Grey’s season finale last week.  While there are some questions that have been raised, ultimately I walked away a little disappointed.  The writer’s had given us such incredible ways to end each of the past three seasons.  (SPOILERS AHEAD if you plan on going back to watch.)  The clumsy way that Meredith met Addison to end the inaugural season.  The painful way that Izzie’s carried off after losing Denny, leading to all sorts of questions about her career.  And the third season, for me, gave us the ultimate in closure with the wedding break up, Alex being abandoned and so many other satisfying details.  I was expecting the same this season.  And while they can’t all be like last season’s finale, I wanted more.  Maybe the strike-shortened season is to blame.

I’m actually a little frustrated with the directions that everyone seems to be headed in… Just a few random thoughts…

  • I once was ready to play my guitar outside of Callie Torres’ window.  (I guess that will never be now.)  But beyond my own personal hangup, I just kinda don’t get it.  I respect the writers for having characters that reflect folks that we live and love everyday.  But this just seems strange.  One minute she was begging Sloan to come in the closet and now…. I just need to see the way that this plays out.  Perhaps she was hiding the attraction?  Obviously that’s what the writers are hinting at, but they didn’t seem to go down this course until very late in the season.  Perhaps I’m reading into this too deeply, but one thing we do know about Callie is that she’s unstable.  She lived inside the stock closet.  She fell for George and took part in the mistake that was their marriage.  She started looking to Sloan and now this.  Perhaps the book isn’t closed.  And I hope it isn’t because…


  • …I can’t take Erica Hahn.  The attitude.  The snide comments.  The weird expressions.  She just bugs the hell out of me.  She’s one of those people that you see in the airport and want to slap because they remind you of everything that frustrates you about the show.  But in that way, she’s done her job — good actress.  I just don’t like the character.  And for her to kinda get the payoff in this episode was kinda unfulfilling.  I don’t wanna see her drown, but she just doesn’t seem to deserve to “go home happy”.  The chief made me proud when he carefully yet sternly told her how she might want to reconsider her approach.  I’d have preferred a slap from Christina.  (Kidding.)


  • George and Lexie.  I just don’t like it.  Lexie’s nice, but she needs someone else.  She needs another intern.  George has matured so much over the course of the show.  Lexie would be the “right now” girl…. again.  I hope this doesn’t come to pass.  It’s a step backwards for him and it certainly doesn’t help his reputation.  (I guess I didn’t get the theme of the episode: don’t care about what people think.  Yes… I got it.  You practically hit us over the head with it.) I still don’t like the pairing.  If he thought there was no chemistry with Izzie….


  • I liked Lexie… not sure why she can’t just go on being the girl who’s looking for acceptance and every now and then has something incredible to say.  For her to break in and steal information seemed a bit out of character.  It was almost as if they had to have something for her to end the season on.  I’d much rather it have been a file that she stumbled upon or a folder that fell on the floor.


  • Christina is probably the one character that I’m happy for.  Glad to see that she’s moving on (even though I wish they’d have continued the plot with Burke.  I don’t agree with what he said either.  But he was such a strong character and the relationship between such diverse backgrounds made it interesting and beautiful to watch.)  Regardless of what could have been, I’m happy for Christina.


  • And then there’s the Chief.  It would have been ok had last season ended with him coming home.  But I just think that “Adele” has put him through too much.  I know he’s old fashioned and perhaps stuck into a certain mode of working that fits in quite nicely with the wife and friend that he’s known.  But I just grew to dislike her character.  The way she had another man in the house.  The way she acted when her niece was dying — blaming the Richard instead of talking to him.  She just seems really annoying.  But I guess that’s his preference.  I just would have preferred for a mature female character to kinda help him get his groove back.  He’s a nice looking bloke.  In great shape.  Why not bring a sassy doctor on the staff who can’t resist him?


  • As if I didn’t like Alex Karev enough, he calls my homegirl Izzie a “stupid bitch” and then he looks like he wants to hit her.  I ‘get’ the whole thing about him having to take care of his mother.  But like my feelings towards Hahn, I totally don’t dig the attitude.  He’s a straight loser.  I can’t blame him for thinking that he might have a child with the crazy chick, and I can even see him getting mad at Izzie intervening, but he seemed to take it a bit far.  And the whole “crying on her shoulder” and trying to get some ‘just-this-one-time’ sex??  He might be the most pathetic character on television.  Somebody write this man a girl character who will whip his ass into shape.


  • Although I must say I was incredibly touched by watching Dr. Bailey reflect on how she was prioritizing her life (it certainly gave me some things to reflect on), I don’t quite know where this is going either.  Her husband also seems like a pain in the ass.  (I must be in a mean mood — but I know I’m not alone.)  Maybe it’s the guy they chose to act as her husband.  I know we only get milliseconds into their personal lives, but the brief time he’s been on camera, I’ve been bothered by him.  He seems cold — maybe too cold at times.  Sure, Miranda was making some poor choices, but he didn’t seem to understand her plight in the least.  Maybe it’s that the writer’s have only shown us the mean moments.  The pinnacle of him being cold came when the baby was injured.  That should have been the straw.  If I were in the casting chair, I’m sure I could get a guy who could challenge her intellectually and also make those rare moments that they have at home exciting enough that she might actually come to work and hand out those morning assignments with a smile on her face for a change.  Well, the story isn’t done yet.  We only saw her talk about making the change.  Doesn’t necessarily mean that Tucker will be ready to accept her change.


  • Despite my moderate disappointment with the other character’s directions, nothing could have prepared me for the choice that Derek would make.  I know I’m biased against Meredith and I know it’s her show and all, but damn if she doesn’t have a full Samsonite set of emotional luggage.  I didn’t quite appreciate the way that the psychiatrist was badgering her.  (Is that what goes on in those sessions??  If so, count me out!)  And I think she might be the best doctor out of the bunch of em, save Christina.  But I don’t know how I feel about this.  Strangely, I was warming up to her in this episode.  She had the nice exchange with my homegirl Rose and she seemed to be….well, not getting on my nerves.I wasn’t disappointed in Meredith.  I think I was more disappointed in Derek. Maybe I’m building Rose up to be something more than what she is.  But she seemed like “mom material”.  She’s attractive.  She’s classy.  And unlike most of the women in Seattle Grace, she wasn’t so smitten with Derek that she just gave it up.  Their courting seemed to be something special, but maybe I just don’t get it.OK, I am the admitted hopeless romantic.  I totally thought that what Meredith did… the candles and the plotting of the future… was remarkable.  I think she meant it.  It wasn’t a desperate plea to snatch him away from Rose.  But the timing just seemed off.  Just because the cute black girl who used to play with the Olsen twins lives through the brain tumor surgery doesn’t mean that it’s time to reconsider things??  I dunno.  Maybe had the psychiatrist not pushed so hard.  Maybe had it happened a few episodes after the surgery.  You know, maybe build some “longing” between the characters.  But this was just rushed.  Romantic, yes.  But rushed.I guess the real question is this: does Derek come back?  Why do I picture next season opening with Meredith sleeping in the outline of lit candles… in the daytime…. alone.  Sounds kinda intriguing, no?  Make it so, Shonda!

Perhaps I’m just in a sour mood.  I still love the show.  Can’t wait to see where we go next year.  But I’m not liking where I’ve been left to think over the summer.  I must have watched that Season 4 finale about three times.  This one I won’t watch again until just before Season 5 begins.  Perhaps I’ll post my “wish list” sometime soon.

And I still like Rose for Derek.  <heavy sigh>.


5 Responses to “Grey’s Anatomy Season 4 Finale: Thoughts (I Still Like Rose….)”

  1. 1 Rose sucks!
    May 27, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    Rose sucks! Stupid woman. She knew about the legend from the beginning.
    Rose for Derek? I’m laughing!

  2. May 27, 2008 at 9:40 pm

    OK – I know *everybody* wants to see Meredith (whose proven to be somewhat selfish) end up with Derek. I mean after all, she narrates the show! But just sit back and think for a minute. If you just size them up, it’s a lot less obvious that you think. Meredith comes tons of problems. She’s moody. She’s just a lot of baggage (and Derek will see this before this thing is over.)

    We met Rose in probably 4 episodes this year. She’s attractive. She’s mature. She seems be much more akin to the kind of woman that you’d want to bring home to mom. Speaking of “mom”, she’s the material that more than likely dear old mom would get along with much better. (I can hear Meredith now….”Derek, why doesn’t your mom like me?!!”

    I just feel like people are kicking dirt on Rose because the show hasn’t spent as much time delving into her character as it has other characters. Think about how much we all didn’t like Addison… UNTIL we got to know her. Now I’m digging her the most.

    The only thing that I believe might be an insurmountable obstacle that Rose would never be able to overcome might be the professional differences. A lot of what Derek sees in Meredith he sees through a mutual respect of her ability as a doctor. No matter how hard she tries, this will never be something Rose can do.

    Let’s see how this thing plays out. Anybody got an idea how long they’ve got Rose signed up for?!! If she’s smart, when Derek comes to try and break up, she’ll whoop out that stuff she’d been hiding and really show Derek what a BIG girl can do! 🙂 (In the story, we still don’t know if Derek comes back home…. 10-to-1 that he doesn’t make it back to Meredith… for whatever reason.

  3. 3 Rose sucks!
    June 18, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    Rose is miserable. She knew about Meredith. She knew about Addison. She knew all but she ignored. She’s a moronic woman and Derek used her. It’s clear. Anyway she’s over and we won’t watch her horse face again.

  4. 4 Clara
    August 2, 2008 at 3:48 am

    I think he will cos Shonda already said that he won’t have an accident or anything like this and that she said Meredith and Derek are back together forgood so I don’t think she’ll start the first episode with Derek not coming back.

    Rose really does suck.I always had a urge to gag when I saw here…she just was bugging me and I really didn’t liked her character.
    Addison I started to like her at the second episode I guess …she was sympathetic and Rose always kinda acting like a naive teenage girl

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